Apply to join a committee

We’re hard at work planning the 2024 event and working hard to improve all aspects of GiveCamp Memphis. GiveCamp Memphis 2024‚Äč will be the 23rd year of our event, and we’re growing all the time. The Steering Committee (Adam Robertson, Brian Swanson, Mike Cochran, Nicole Lewandowski, and Lance Hilliard) will oversee other committees with the goal of a successful event in the coming year and beyond.

Some of you might be interested in joining one of the committees to help out. We are accepting applications to the committees now. There is limited room on each committee, and applying does not guarantee acceptance. Also, appointments to committees expire following each year’s weekend event – apply each year. The membership of the Steering Committee is self-managed, influenced by those demonstrating a year-after-year commitment to event planning and success.

Expect a response within 2-3 weeks of applying

  • All of our committee coordination is via #memtech Slack.

    Communications Committee

    Manage the public communications for GiveCamp Memphis on social media, email, and other formats to ensure effective information sharing with a common voice. We will be responsible for creating, implementing, and keeping updated a communications plan for volunteers, nonprofits, sponsors, and the public at large.

    Design Committee

    Plan and organize any design needs and recruit designers for the event including GiveCamp's design event happening before the main weekend which is focused on any brand design needed.

    Events Committee

    Plan and organize GiveCamp's main and correlated gatherings, including relationship (vendor, venue, promotional, etc) maintenance.

    Project Management

    Manage distinct nonprofit projects, setting expectations for both nonprofits and volunteers and maintaining focus for the teams.

    Project Technical Lead

    Provide technical direction and oversight for a single project. Communicate blockers to the Project Manager early so that delivery milestones and expectations remain aligned.

    Sponsorships Committee

    Cultivate financial and in-kind GiveCamp contributions, including solicitation, curation, and recognition.

    Support Committee

    Provides technical support and assistance during the year on an as-needed basis for the GiveCamp hosted projects. This committee manages the servers and technical infrastructure powering GiveCamp Memphis.